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Ever have one of those mornings where you CANNOT wake up? And you think to yourself, “Gosh, self, I need some chocolate sugar  coffee!”


It was definitely one of those mornings.

I am a tea fiend all the way, but there are just some mornings when I need some coffee to get me jump-started. So this morning downed a cup of coffee–that I made pretty strong–and proceeded to head to my ecology class. I was supposed to give a presentation on the endangered Leatherback sea turtles (so sad 😦 pretty soon there will be no more boy turtles to make babies with the girl turtles). Instead, my class got a jumpy Kath talking 900 miles per minute, shaking and making corny jokes about turtle sex. Yes. I am a nervous wreck when it comes to public speaking. And for some crazy reason my coping mechanism is to make cheesy jokes. Oh dear 😉

My morning in a nutshell

After class I came home to munch on a Pumpkin Protein Bar and gobbled up this can of Amy’s Thai Coconut Soup.

There are veggies and tofu in there, I promise...


The veggies were soft and tender…but the tofu was chewy and tough. Not the best combo, but definitely edible.

I ended my night yesterday with some Zumba with Chelsea. At the end of the class, our instructor had the class link our sweaty arms to sing the UNC Alma Mater to get ready for the DOOK game today!!! I can’t WAIT!

I’ll be back soon with posts from the game!


–a formerly-caffeinated Kath 😉


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