Butter n’ Blooms

February 22, 2012 at 3:55 pm Leave a comment

I have discovered the best (healthy & organic) peanut butter. Meet the mother of all peanut butters…

MaraNatha is creamy and gooey and nutty and blissful. Think of it as an undercover, organic Jiff. 🙂 Only recently have I become addicted to peanut butter.  The other week Kyle and I made banana protein pancakes and I at them with a dollop of his Jiff. Since then, I have emptied out his PB jar.

Now, I love almond butter, but there was something about peanuts that I never caught on to. I didn’t really love PB as a kid (and to this day I think PB & J is gross. But a fluffer-nutter  now sounds like a party in my mouth!).

So when I was packing my lunch this morning, I grabbed a banana and instantly reached for my PB jar. Transporting my PB was the next challenge. Normally I just bring my lettuce wrap or salad in a tupperware and pack a piece of fruit with it–no room for my PB in my salad container (ew–gross). So I just stuck 2 tablespoons into a sandwich bag and called it good.

Then this happened at lunch..

lovely little snack

I tore off the corner of the sandwich bag and, like an icing-piping bag, piped out my PB onto this yummy banana. How neat is that? (Ok, maybe it’s not that great, but I felt really cool piping out that PB).

For my lunch date I hung out with one of my best friends.

Erin of Recimplicity

But even though I spent the better part of lunch oo-ing and aw-ing over my new found PB invention, my favorite part of the day was discovering these brand new blooms.

Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers in the spring. Can you believe there was snow on the ground on Monday?

Well, now I need to pay attention to class 🙂




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