stressed = desserts

March 14, 2012 at 10:00 am Leave a comment

… spelled backwards.

That is why I enjoyed this lovely bowl of Sweet Frog last night.

nothing like Oreos and rainbow sprinkles on vanilla and cherry froyo to cheer me up

This week I have a midterm, two papers, two projects and a debate due. Holy cow am I swamped…so you can imagine how stressed I was when I found out that after my 10 hour school day, I had an unexpected 4 hour meeting. AH!

But between my classes and the meeting, I got to sneak in some time with my friends–thank goodness.

Before we devoured some froyo, Ari, Chelsea, Alexis, Erin and I went to Lime and Basil to enjoy some Pho for Erin’s birthday.

Birthday girl!

Pho is a traditional Vietnamese dish with rice noodles in a clear broth (usually it’s beef…but I got mine with chicken!). The big bowl comes with scallions, red onions and cilantro floating on top.

a bowl the size of my head...and I have a big head

Lime and Basil gave us a side plate of bean sprouts, jalapenos, basil and lime to add to the bowl so everyone was able to customize their Pho the way they liked.

I always forget how much I love Lime and Basil and their Pho. Nothing like a big bowl of soup and a bigger bowl of frozen yogurt to keep me going through the night. Definitely some comfort food for my stressed out soul.

Question of the day: What do you do when you are stressed?

I can either go full-stress-eater mode or, if it is really bad, I lose my appetite entirely. My stress and eating habits when I am stressed are definitely something I plan to work on.

Well I hope you have a happy dessert-filled, stress-free day 🙂

xoxox K

Oh and last but definitely not least…

Papa Bear 🙂

Happy Birthday to the best, greatest dad in the world! Love you Mickey!


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Happy Birthday, Default When Reality Hits

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