Spring Cleaning

April 3, 2012 at 12:17 pm Leave a comment

I love the spring flowers, spring rain and the sunny spring weather.

But more importantly, I love spring because it gives us a fresh beginning to a new year.

Out with the old, in the with new!

Like new spring colors…

love this aqua blue from Essie

and bright veggies!

can't wait to devour this guy

Since I began my healthy living journey in February, I have lost about 10 solid pounds. Woo hoo! But lately, I have been the queen of eating healthy during the week, but come Friday and Saturday and I’ll throw (healthy) caution to the wind. I tell myself that if I work out, it will counter-balance some of the junk. But losing 2 pounds Monday-Friday, and then gaining 1.5 pounds Friday-Sunday has halted my progress.

So–it’s time to clean up my act and get back on track! Here are a few ways I am going to stick to my diet:

1. Find healthy snacks that can satisfy even the most ravenous cravings

These roasted plantain chips are AMAZING! My mom discovered them–they are crispy, crunchy chips that are the perfect salty snack. And only 140 calories for 20 chips–yum-o! If you can get your hands on a snack that won’t ruin your day’s worth of healthy eating, its almost like you’ve struck gold 😉

2. Stick to serving sizes

I am the world’s worst at finding healthy foods–and then eating 4 servings of them. One trick to not over eating is setting out your portions before hand. If you pull out 20 plantain chips instead of eating straight from the package, you won’t run the risk of eating the whole dang bag!

3. Don’t be afraid to eat out

On most weekends, Kyle and will eat out one night and cook one night. When we cook, it is easy to make healthy decisions. Kyle normally grills chicken and we pair it with some sort of veggie or salad. But eating out used to scare me–I’m afraid I’ll end up ordering something fried and finish it up with something covered in chocolate!

But that does not have to be the case. You can make eating out healthy–just look for the right options!

Strawberry Salad with goat cheese and almonds

Check the menu before you go and plan out what you can order–that way you don’t drool over the dessert menu have to fuss with the the menu when you go out.

I am going to start this spring off right–one healthy choice at a time. Time clean up my eats and to get back on track for the whole week; not more letting weekend choices undo my weekday progress!

What do you do for spring cleaning?!

Happy Tuesday!




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