How to Run Like a Crazy Person

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It is so nice to be home! Kyle and I made our way back to Charlotte for Easter break. I spent all day yesterday hanging out with my mom and Grams. I love being home 🙂

Friday Night Dinner with Grams....Greek Chicken Gyro

My pretty Grams!

And while we were out, we picked up my birthday gift...woo hoo!

How to run like a crazy person

This past Thursday, I went on an early morning jog before class. It was supposed to be a simple, quick jog to get some exercise in for the day. Of course, being the nut that I am, my jog was definitely not simple or quiet or quick or coordinated 😉

Step 1: Right before you set out to jog, you have to make sure you are in the jogging mood. By jogging mood, I mean you want to get into the “I’m-gonna-run-so-fast-just-call-me-flash” mindset. Sometimes I like to pretend I am a superhero while running–I think it makes me run faster. And because the only superhero I loved while growing up is Captain Planet, he is who I imagine (even though I don’t think he can run, he flies. Just another inspiration to run faster, I guess 🙂 ).

The only draw back: pretending I’m CP also makes it extremely difficult to not pick up trash off the sidewalks and run it over to the nearest trashcan.

Step 2: When I start out jogging, I make sure I have my jams cranked up. On Thursday, my playlist of choice included the cutest greatest country artist…i.e. Toby Keith. I am a southern girl at heart.

I had been through a few good songs and was jogging along just fine. And then Toby’s She’s a Hottie came on. FYI: girls–if you needs a song to run to, download this now. It could possibly change your whole exercise routine.

She’s a Hottie, She’s a Hottie

With a smokin’ little body

Inspriational verses, right there.

Step 3: When a song that really gets your feet movin’ comes on, and the road you are jogging down appears to be free and clear of any other human life, there is only one thing left to do: SING YOUR LITTLE HEART OUT.

And that is exactly what I did. I was singing She’s A Hottie like nobody’s business. I even began to try to swing my hips as a I jogged–think of a goofy little hip-shake-skip-shuffle-jog step. Yes, I was gettin’ it.

I had been singing and booty-jog-shakin’ for about half the song when another jogger suddenly came out of nowhere 😮 This was our exchange:

Me: She’s a hottie, with a smokin’ little body. String bikini and a barbwire tat…she’s rockin’ that cowboy hat!

Jogger Guy  (shouting so he can get my attention and break me out of Toby’s spell): Yea, morning joggers! You get it girl!

and then the jogger guy, as he passed me, high-fived me.

HOLY COW.  I was so embarrassed! But then again, it was about 8:30 in the morning and the jogger guy seemed to be pretty amused that I was out jogging, too. It sounds weird, but I almost felt like I had been initiated into some secret morning joggers club. How neat is that?!?!

When I told my best friend Ari about it, she said my jogging style reminded her of Phoebe Buffay’s running (from the TV show Friends).

I think  I could give Phoebe a run for her money. I found out there is a “I run like Phoebe Buffay from Friends” Facebook page–I totally joined 😉

How do you run? I may be a beginner, but that doesn’t stop me from being a nut.

Well, I’m off to go for another jog this morning with my new sneaks.

Thank you Grams!


Have a wonderful Easter!




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